Ronaldo will return next weekend, Real Madrid six generals out of the first round

Tomorrow morning, Real Madrid in Spain’s first-round victory against Real Sociedad. Real Madrid official 1xbet announced a 19-man squad, Pepe, and Ronaldo, Benzema, and Luka modric, Navas, and coentrao due injury sidelined, the first five per person for regular. In the pre-match, Zidane says Ronaldo may return next weekend.

Zidane Turning first signings: “our team is perfect. If there’s no one left, that there will be no new people join. I am very satisfied with the team, is happy to have such a lineup. Lack of substitute midfielder? Our squad is so that others can replace Casemiro, and we can change tactics. “

Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema when comebacks? Zidane: “I cannot give the exact time. Ronaldo has returned to touch the ball again, and that’s the good news, I hope to be back as soon as possible. Benzema is not the same, I don’t want him to training, we want to try to make his recovery to a hundred percent. “Zinedine Zidane and then focus on Cristiano Ronaldo:” the day after tomorrow, I will talk to Cristiano Ronaldo. The most important is his own idea. Maybe next week he will play against Celta de Vigo, we need to make a decision. I would implore Portugal don’t call him? I haven’t thought about that. “

Morata 1 goals this summer, Zidane told 1xbet in an interview said: “I didn’t talk to him scoring problems, I only talk to him on the field missions. He is very familiar with Real Madrid, he will be very hard. From a physical point, his condition is getting better. Mariano? He will stay, I will be trying to get a chance. “Zidane finally talk about Benzema:” on his hip and back, I can not give more details, the team doctor is the right person to talk about this issue. In two or three weeks ago, Benzema is feeling unwell. “

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Steve Bruce: Former Hull City manager thanks fans for ‘unwavering’ support

1xbet Steve Bruce has thanked Hull City fans for their “unwavering” support and says he resigned as manager on Friday “for the sake of the club”.
Bruce joined the Tigers in 2012 and led them to promotion to the Premier League twice and also an FA Cup final.
His resignation followed a breakdown in his relationship with vice-chairman Ehab Allam.
“It was a decision I had to make for the sake of the club,” he said in an open letter to the Hull Daily Mail.
“The last 12 months have been very tough and it felt like the right step for the club to move forward in a different direction and with someone else in charge.”
Hull’s owners put plans to sell the club on hold on Wednesday to “ensure stability in the transfer window”,1xbet with the senior squad reduced to only 13 fit players.
Bruce continued: “It is rare for a manager to have the backing I’ve had from fans. It’s been unwavering.
“One of the abiding memories was the reaction of supporters the day we were relegated on the final day of the 2014-15 season.
“They applauded us off the pitch when you’d expect them to have been ripping the roof off.”
Diame’s ‘sadness’ at departure
At an event to reveal a new “club-record” sponsorship deal,1xbet Hull midfielder Mohamed Diame admitted he was “really surprised” by Bruce’s decision to leave.
“As everyone knows he was an important man for us here and everybody’s sad, but life continues,” he told BBC World Service.
“I knew it was going to be a tough pre-season because we had a lot of injuries and we didn’t see any new players come in, but I wasn’t expecting him to leave.
“The most important thing is now is to get players, to be honest. We have got too many injuries and the squad is not big enough so we need players.
“We need to bring some players to support us to get a bit of stability because at the moment we are not stable.”

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Minimal Corner sofa bed Is Often Better

There is a good tendency today towards minimizing the heavy ornamentation of 
so-called antique or Barbizon-type frames by giving them an all-over neutral  effect with only touches of color or gilt as accents.
The beginner in frame-making is often confused as to the choice of molding or  finish for a particular picture and therefore falls back on the practice of  copying a frame or finish he has seen elsewhere. Every-one learns by imitation,  but it is certainly better to develop one’s own critical faculties by trying to work out each problem individually. 
Since corner sofa bed framing is a skill that requires experience to develop to the point of  real facility, analysis of each framing problem by oneself will add to confidence  and the next job will be that much easier to do.
Picture corner sofa framing follows all general changes in sound decorative style, so no  one can expect to produce a frame which need never be changed. By keeping the  principles of good taste always in mind, we will not turn out something faddish  or freakish.
There will be times when a small or even tiny picture gains in importance  and is not necessarily over-powered by a very wide molding if used judiciously.  Again, a very large picture may only require the simplest of narrow Moldings  to set it off properly. There is no call to be precious, but care employed  when choosing the exact value of color for the frame or mat may make a  tremendous difference in the final effect.

Liverpool v AC Milan: Divock Origi and Roberto Firmino goals secure win

1xbet Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has told his side they “need to finish” more often despite beating AC Milan 2-0 in the International Champions Cup.
Divock Origi and Roberto Firmino scored second-half goals in California on Saturday,1xbet but Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana missed chances.
Belgium international Origi had another ruled out after the break for the Reds, who lost 1-0 to Chelsea on Wednesday.
“I’m pleased with our performance – especially the first half,” said Klopp.
“We passed and we passed and we passed until we were through. We created chances and we didn’t score – of course we need to finish.”
James Milner featured at left-back for Klopp’s side at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, with new signing Sadio Mane also involved.
It was 21-year-old Origi who broke the deadlock in the 59th minute,1xbet showing good footwork before cutting inside and shooting into the far corner.
Brazilian Firmino doubled Liverpool’s lead two minutes later, sliding in at the far post to tap in a deflected cross from substitute Sheyi Ojo.
Liverpool play Barcelona at Wembley on Saturday, before opening their Premier League campaign at Arsenal on 14 August.

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Hints for a Successful Printing Job

Do you have to prepare documents for printing? If so, here are some tips/hints so that you don’t get your files back from your printer. Over the years I have been amazed at individuals that have graduated from graphic school but they don’t know how to save the files to be printed correctly. If you want a good quality printed product preparing your document properly is one of the most important aspects of the printing process. Everyone, including the printer, wants you to have a good quality printed piece.

Below is a chart to show you how to save your files to be submitted to the printer.

Photoshop – TIF, PSD, CMYK colors.

Set all fonts to outlines and be sure your job is saved as CMYK. RGB colors are not for printing. Flatten your file before saving.

InDesign – EPS, AI, .pdf set all fonts to outlines and embed all links.

Corel Draw – CDR, EPS, AI, or .pdf set all fonts to curves.

Illustrator – EPS, AI, or .pdf set all fonts to outlines and Embed all Links.

NOTE: Save your files with outlines under a new file name. You can’t undo and edit should you need to if you save your original file with outlines.


Photoshop: Color mode must be either CMYK or Pantone depending on what you are having printed – do not use RGB. (CMYK mode uses ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black to mix colors). If you are having your file printed digitally convert Pantone and other non-CMYK spot colors to CMYK prior to submitting files to be printed.

Microsoft Publisher or Word – If you use Publisher or Word save your files as PDF. They sometimes lose their formatting if you submit them as a Publisher or Word file. Make sure your colors are not RGB.

InDesign – convert all fonts to outlines/curves/paths. You must convert fonts to outlines before creating an .eps, .ai. Or .pdf file. Be sure and save your file with fonts converted to outlines with a new file name.

CorelDRAW – Save as .cdr or export to .eps, .ai or publish to .pdf export all text as curves.

Illustrator – convert all fonts to outlines/curves/paths. You must convert fonts to outlines before creating an .eps, .ai. or .pdf file. Be sure and save your file with fonts converted to outlines with a new file name.

Again make sure you save as PMS colors for spot color printing or CMYK for digital printing.

Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW, can be set to convert everything to CMYK during creation of the PDF. Be sure and watch your dpi and make sure it is a minimum of 300.

Bleed: If your job has a “bleed” (where your graphics print to the edge of the page), when you create the PDF specify the bleed with.125″ minimum. A bleed makes sure nothing important gets cut off and you do not have a thin white line around the edges. If you have a white background a bleed is not required.

Document Size: When you select the size of your document, allow at least a minimum of 1/8″ of your background art/graphics around edges for “bleeding” if your document has art that goes to the edge of the page; or all around the area that bleeds off the page. This ensures that your entire art and text will be visible once your document is cut to size and you will not have a thin white line anywhere. DO NOT put any text within 1/8″ of your document edge.

Spot Colors: Spot colors are used many times in printing and can be used in .cdr, .eps, .ai., or .PDFs. They are usually used for 2 or 3 color jobs or jobs not printing digitally. If you require very precise coloring according to swatches in a PMS (Pantone Matching System) book you probably want spot colors. PMS colors should not be used in CMYK jobs, converting to CMYK by the output program is not always completely accurate for all PMS colors. Your spot-color PDF should be created in a CMYK mode whether or not any of the CMYK colors are used if you will be using for both digital or spot color printing. Many people think they can choose colors by looking at a PMS color on their monitor or phone but that is not the case. Monitors and phones vary and you might be very disappointed if you choose colors this way. Always use a PMS book to make an accurate color choice.

NOTE: Photoshop files, .JPEG, some tiffs and bitmap files are not acceptable formats for printing. Resolution must be 300 dpi minimum; save to 100% of the printing size. Make sure your final file has either CMYK or PMS colors depending on which printing method you are wanting. RGB colors are for web use – not printing. Always check with your printer to see which format he prefers you to save your files in.

8 Content Marketing Channels to Promote Your Business

Useful content, sent via an array of content marketing channels, is an effective way to give quality information and solutions to your customers, whether individuals or business-to-business (B2B) customers. They want to buy products that help them and/or their organizations operate effectively and efficiently. These customers don’t want you selling to them immediately – they want to make informed buying decisions based on the analysis of this quality information that you, the marketer, give them.

The following are eight content marketing channels you can use to educate customers and potential customers regarding your products and services. These channels will assist you in presenting solutions to your target market, who make purchasing decisions.


Your email campaigns must be in a clear, plain copy that is easily readable. Make sure your emails do not include distracting, annoying graphics. In addition, make sure they provide relevant, high-value information.


A report is a standard form of business communication. These business reports meld qualitative and quantitative information in a logical format. They serve as vital business documents that you can use to provide up-to-date, detailed information to a customer or potential customer. Like emails, they must be clearly written.


Articles are interesting and informative documents that you populate your business website with regularly. You can also add articles to your blog. In addition, you can publish articles in trade magazines you know your customers read. Furthermore, you can send timely articles to customers and potential customers to give them information and data that helps them in their decision-making concerning purchases.

White Papers

A good white paper provides your customers a fresh perspective concerning solutions to their problems. They highlight your products and services in an intelligent manner, focusing on giving data, facts, and such that prove the effectiveness of your products and/or services.

A quality white paper focusing on customers’ needs lends credibility to you and your company. White papers are information documents that reach people outside the typical sales process.

Case Studies

With case studies, you can collect evidence and information through diverse sources. This includes interviews, observations, physical objects, and/or the analysis of archival information. You can use a combination of the different sources to create an informative, helpful case study. Additionally, you can include quantitative data as is feasible.

In essence, a case study is a short, to-the-point, straightforward story with a conclusion that provides a solution. A good case study helps readers identify with the situation. They see their situation in the case study’s story.

You draw the reader into the case study with facts. The case study then offers premier solutions to help the reader. Essentially an information document, a case study helps individuals make decisions based on quality information. It can facilitate faster decision-making.


People you want to connect with will attend your event if they believe it is truly beneficial to them and/or their company. Therefore, an event you hold should have a speaker who is an A-list expert on a topic other business professionals are interested in.


Before you place a telephone call to a business, know whom you’re calling, and the issues they are facing in their enterprise. Call as a follow-up after sending a report, case study, white paper or after the individual has attended your event.

Direct Mail

Send only relevant material. A simple one-page direct mail letter in a plain #10 envelope works the best. Make sure the letter has a clear and concise offer for information. The main offer of your direct mail communication should include reports based on studies, research results, and high-level white papers.

The Takeaway

Use the above content marketing channels wisely. Let them be your tools to educate others on what you have to offer and why they will provide solutions to their needs. Prove to individual customers that you do business with that your desire is to help them with their problems and concerns.

Remember, your goal is to educate initially, throughout the process, and in your concluding presentations. Continuing education is also essential in after-sales service, with information on product updates, new ways of using a product, and more.

In the case of business-to-business (B2B) customers, prove to them that your focus is facilitating informed buying decisions that move a company forward. Prove to them that you’re not a one-hit wonder – who sells, moves on, and doesn’t care about the true needs of a client.

Three Direct Mail Marketing Tools to Improve Response Rate

There is a common perception that direct correspondence is not as effective as digital channels. However, according to Direct Marketing Association (DMA), a US based independent business for data-obsessed marketers; direct mails have a response rate of 4.4 percent whereas emails have a response rate of only 0.12 percent.

Building a successful campaign is not as complicated as it appears, provided you implement an effective plan of action assisted by the experts of direct mail marketing companies. Here are three tools that you can leverage to send your message out to your target audience.

1. Brochures

Brochures or informational booklets have a limited shelf life. A brochure, usually available in bi or tri folds, not only as a great tool to give out introductory information about your product or service but also offers ample space to elaborate on offers, prices, features, tariffs etc accompanied by visuals. For example, a home improvement store can send its customers a printed guide on interior décor and house renovation tips with alluring visuals in its multiple folds. Similarly, a pizza shop can mail a brochure with lip-smacking pictures of scrumptious, pizzas dripping with cheese, alongside a perforated section containing discount vouchers. These informational pieces not only come handy when consumers seek information but also serve as a lucrative tool for a future purchase. After all, including coupons can increase the possibilities of sales right several folds.

2. Postcards

Believe it or not, these tiny unassuming pieces have more power than you could ever imagine. Extremely affordable, postcards have been of the most favorite marketing tools used by companies that swear by direct mail marketing channels. With these pieces, you can keep your message short and relevant, and they are not even required to be opened to be read. Most importantly, they reach the doorsteps of your target audience so are hard to ignore. According to a United States Postal Service (USPS) study, 52 percent of the people who receive postcards actually read them. In another study, the respondents were asked which type of mail would bring forth a response. The result showed that postcards topped the list, and 23.4 percent said that they would reply to an advertisement if sent via a postcard.

You could consider using postcards for holiday season sales promotions, for letting know of a new launch or even for conducting a survey. Postcards are the most apt marketing solution for those who have budget constraints.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters directly reach the target audience providing them with the exact information that they are looking for. The content is centered about the subscribers’ primary topic of interest, which is why more often than not they are actually read. Considering their usefulness, you can get tons of business if you consider sending newsletters to your present and prospective customers. However, success depends on the usefulness of the information provided so stick to relevant information only. For instance, a restaurant may send out a newsletter to inform its regular customers about the specials or the food fests they are planning over the next few months. Include authentic information so that the newsletter you send becomes a professional publication, valuable to your customers.